Snežana Samardžić, Spasenija Ćeranić

PHI Special hospital for psychiatry, Podromanija bb, 71350 Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina,;
University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Alekse Šantića 1, 71 420 Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina


ISSN 2637-2150
e-ISSN 2637-2614
UDK 343.541/.543-053.2/.6:316.344.42
DOI 10.7251/STED2102020S

Paper received: 04.10.2021.
Paper accepted: 12.11.2021.
Published: 29.11.2021.

Corresponding Author: 
Snežana Samardžić, PHI Special hospital for psychiatry, Podromanija bb, 71350 Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina,


It is the fact that sexual deviations and delicts are present in all cultures and within all peoples during the whole history of mankind and this have always caused the attention of theoreticians in their quest for its roots. Having on mind this fact, we have analysed the family dynamics during early childhood of sexual delinquents through the search for the differences in perceived parental acceptance or rejection, family affective attachment and accepted script injunctions – in relation to healthy examinees. The research is based on sample of 42 examinees categorised in two groups: a group of sexual delinquents and a group of examinees from general population without psychological disorder diagnosis. The analyses of perceived index of parental acceptance is carried out by Rohner PAR-Q questionnaire, for the determination of affective attachment patterns we use modified Brennan questionnaire for the estimation of family affective attachment, while level and the nature of acquired script injunctions have been asnalysed by the Scale of script injunctions. The results show that there are statistically significant differences between the two groups regarding dominating patterns of family affective attachment with more dominant insecure attachment in the group of sexual offenders. Too, one of the characteristics of this group is above average exposure to the existence injunction, value injunction, Don`t be a child injunction, and health injunction, while differences regarding perceived index of parental acceptance/rejection are not statistically significant.

Keywordsfamily dynamic, sexual offenders, family affective attachment.