U can download complete guidelines in PDF format on the next link:

Guidelines for authors – STED Journal.(EN)

The paper shall be sent to the Editorial Board of the journal electronically (by e-mail or the message form on the following link https://stedj-univerzitetpim.com/submit-paper/) in the form of a text prepared specifically using the text processing program of Microsoft Word, A4 pages and consist of the following elements in one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina or in English:

  • Title of the paper
  • List of the authors and institutions;
  • Abstract;
  • Key words
  • Introduction;
  • Theoretical framework;
  • Experimental part;
  • Results and discussion;
  • Conclusion;
  • Literature overview;
  • Title in English, list of authors and summary in English.

The title of the paper should be centered and written in upper case, Times New Roman, 14 pt, bold, Caps Lock

The authors should be written in the center, without titles, Times New Roman, 12pt, normal, and the names of institutions centered, Times New Roman, 10 pt, normal.

The titles of a part of the paper– of the first level, left alignment, Times New Roman, normal, 12 pt, bold, Caps Lock;

The subheading – of the second level, left alignment, lower case, Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold;

The subheading – of the third level, left alignment, lower case, Times New Roman, 12 pt, italic..

Other parts of the paper should be written using the alignment on both sides (Times New Roman, 12 pt), one-sided spacing with one empty row above, between the subheadings and paragraphs, with margins of 2.54 cm (1″). The beginning of the paragraph should be typed at the beginning of the row.

The abstract should have 100-250 words, and it is positioned between the paper heading (consisting of the paper title and information on authors) and key words, which are followed by the text of the paper.

If the paper is written in one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the summary in English is given in an extended form, as a so called resume and it should consist of up to 500 words.

Tables and charts

Tables should be prepared in the WORD, graphics in the EXCEL, except for some special cases when it is not possible technically. Tables and graphics should be clear, as simple as possible and transparent. The title, heading (text) and subtext in tables and graphics should be written in Times New Roman – normal, Font Size 10 pt. Tables should be placed at a certain place in the text. Tables should not include more than ten columns and more than fifteen rows. If the author assumes that data should be presented in a larger number of columns and rows, it is necessary to split the content of the table into two or more smaller tables or deliver it as a special attachment. They have to be drawn according to the computer template (Insert Table), and not using the spacing, dots and tabs. When citing tables and graphics, we write the title of the table or graphic in the initial capital letter and then we specify its ordinal number (e.g. as it is shown in Table 9 and Figure 6, the lowest value was…).

A table example

A chart example

Figure 1 The effect of waste rubber powder content on tensile strength for the NR/CSM/WRP composites irradiated with different doses.


Equations should be written in the graphic editor for equations, specifically in the Microsoft Equation and they should be placed at the beginning of the text. On the right edge of the text in the row in which the equation is written one should indicate its number in parentheses beginning with number 1.



Figures have to be prepared for black-and-white printing, that is, if the original figure is in colours which cannot be distinguished in black-and-white printing, the colours have to be replaced by “raster”, that is, different graphic signs which need to be explained in the legend. We insert in figures only the most essential text necessary for understanding, such as measure variables with their dimensions, short explanation on curves and similar. The rest is stated in the legend under the figure. The maximum size of a figure is 13 cm x 17 cm.

Other notes

In order to include successfully the papers published in one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina into international information flows, parts of the manuscript should be written both in the author’s language and in English, including: text in tables, figures, diagrams and drawings, their titles and symbols.

About authors

When sending the paper one should give their full official address, telephone number and e-mail of all authors and emphasize the author with who the Editorial Board shall cooperate. These notifications should be submitted on a separate sheet.

Experimental technique, symbols and units

Experimental technique and devices are described in detail only if they deviate significantly from the descriptions already published in the literature. If techniques and devices are familiar, only the source of necessary notifications is stated.

Symbols of the physical quantities should be written in Italic (Times New Roman, 12 pt. – italic), and units of measurement in upright letters, e.g. V, m, p, t, T,but m33, kg, Pa, °C, K. Quantities and units of measurement have to be used pursuant to the International System of Units (SI).


The reference list at the end of the article has to include only the sources which the author referred to in the article text. The used literature items are listed in alphabetical order.

Examples of citing

An example of citing a scientific journal 

In the text:

  one author: (Avramović, 2011);

– two authors: (Žiravac-Mladenović i Đurica, 2018);

  three to five authors: first citing in text: (Mitić, Nikolić, Cakić, Nikolić, & Ilić, 2007); second and every next citing in text: (Mitić et al., 2007);

  six and more authors: (Špírková et al., 2009); 

In the reference list:

Avramović, D. (2011). Metode i okviri rasta vrijednosti banke. Anali poslovne ekonomije, 5(1), 28-37.

Žiravac-Mladenović, M. i Đurica, F. (2018). Komparativna analiza trgovanja na Banjalučkoj i Sarajevskoj berzi. Anali poslovne ekonomije, 10(1), 25-35.

Mitić, Ž., Nikolić, G., Cakić, M, Nikolić, R., & Ilić, LJ. (2007). The investigation of Co (II)-dextran complexes. Hemijska industrija61(5), 257-262.

Špírková, M., Strachota, A., Urbanová, M., Baldrian, J., Brus, J., Šlouf, M., Kuta, A. & Hrdlička, Z. (2009). Structural and surface properties of novel polyurethane films. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 24(10-11), 1185-1189.

An example of citing a book

In the text:

   one author: (Suzić, 2010);

   two authors: (Peterlin i Mladenović, 2007);

  three to five authors: first citing in text: (Đuranović, Todorović i Tešić 2016); second and every next citing in text:  (Đuranović et al., 2016);

   six and more authors : (Stefanović i sar., 2008).

In the reference list:

Suzić, N. (2010). Prvila pisanja naučnog rada: APA i drugi standardi. Banja Luka: XBS.

Peterlin, J. i Mladenović, M. (2007). Finansijski instrumenti i menadžment finansijskih rizika. Banja Luka: Univerzitet za poslovni inženjering i menadžment.

Đuranović, D., Todorović, S. i Tešić, R. (2016). Strategijski menadžment. Banja Luka: Univerzitet za poslovni inženjering i menadžment.

Stefanović i sar. (2008). Kretanje šinskih vozila. Banja Luka: Društvo za energetsku efikasnost.

An example of citing a chapter of a book

In the text:  (Harly, 1981)

In the reference list:

Harley, N. (1981). Radon risk models. U A. Knight, & B. Harrad (Eds.), Indoor air and human health (str. 69 ̶78). Amsterdam: Elsavier.

An example of citing a paper published in the Scientific Conference Proceedings

In the text:

   one author: (Grgurević, 2014);

   two authors: (Medić i Živadinović, 2014);

  three to five authors: first citing in text: (Krstić, Skorup, Skorup, 2014); second and every next citing in text: (Krstić et al., 2014);

   six and more authors :  (Kojić et al., 2019).

In the reference list:

Grgurević, N. (2014). Kuba i Nikaragva (Revolucija i postrevolucionarni period). U M. Žiravac-Mladenović (Eds.), Conference proceedings, International Scientific Conference on Social and Technological Development (pp 124-131). Banja Luka, B&H: University of Business Engineering and Management.

Medić, Z. i Živadinović, J. (2014). Neravnoteže i krize savremenog doba i ekonoska politika. U M. Žiravac-Mladenović (Eds.), Conference proceedings, International Scientific Conference on Social and Technological Development (pp 102-1112). Banja Luka, B&H: University of Business Engineering and Management.

Krstić, M., Skorup, A. i Skorup, S. (2014). Inovativnost – ključni element preduzetničke strategije rasta i razvoja privrednog subjekta. U M. Žiravac-Mladenović (Ur.), Conference proceedings, International Scientific Conference on Social and Technological Development (pp 51-58). Banja Luka, B&H: University of Business Engineering and Management.

Kojić, D., Pavličević, J., Špírková, M., Aroguz, A., Jovičić, M., Bera, O., Marinović-Cincović, M. (2019). THE IFLUENCE OF SILICA ON THE SOLVENT RESISTANCE OF POLYURETHANE HYBRIDE MATERIALS. In M. Gligorić, A. Došić, D. Vujadinović (Eds.), Proceedings VI International Congress “Engineering, Environment and Materials in Processing Industry” (pp 568-572). Jahorina, BiH: University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Technology.


An example of citing a master thesis or PhD thesis

In the text: (Petrović, 2001)
          (Žiravac-Mladenović, 2009)

In the reference list:

Petrović, R. (2001). Dehidratacija etera na mordenitnim katalizatorima. Magistarski rad. Univerzitet u Banjoj Luci, Tehnološki fakultet, Banja Luka, BiH.

Žiravac-Mladenović M. (2009). Bankarski nadzor i regulative zemalja u tranziciji na Balkanu – globalizacija bankarskog sektora. Alfa Univerzitet, Beograd, Srbija.


An example of citing a publication of an institution as the author, downloaded from the Internet and citing a text from the web site

Citing Internet sites should be avoided, but if it is necessary, then they should include names of the authors, if they are available, the title, Internet site and access date.

In the text:

   institution: first citing in text (Zavod za statistiku Republike Srpske [ZSRS], 2009); second and every next citing (ZSRS, 2009);

    call to authors: (Degelman, 2000);

    unknown author: (Compiere, 2017)
                              (Purdue University, n.d)

In the reference list:

Zavod za statistiku Republike Srpske. (2009). Saopštenja. Preuzeto 10.02.2009. sa http://www.rzs.rs.ba/SaopstenjaRadLAT.htm

Degelman, D. (2000). APA Style Essentials. Retrieved May 18, 2000 from: http://www.vanguard.edu/psychology/apa.pdf


Compiere, (2017). Products. Preuzeto 11.10.2018. sa http://www.compiere.com/products/

Purdue University Writing Lab [Facebook page]. (n.d). Retrieved January 22, 2019, from https://www.facebook.com/PurdueUniversityWritingLab/

An example of citing laws, regulations, court decisions

In text:

  laws and regulations: first citing in text (Zakon o krivičnom postupku [ZKP], 2014); second and every next citing (ZKP, 2014);

  court decisions:  first citing in text (Vrhovni sud Srbije [VSS], Rev. 1354/06); second and every next citing (VSS, Rev. 1354/06);

In the reference list:

Zakonik o krivičnom postupku, Službeni glasnik RS, 72/2011, 101/2011, 121/2012, 32/2013, 45/2013, i 55/2014; Regulation (EU) No. 1052/2013 establishing the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur), OJ L 295 of 6/11/2013, 1; Directive 2013/32/EU on common procedures for granting and withdrawing international protection (recast), OJ L 180 of 29/6/2013, 60.

Vrhovni sud Srbije, Rev. 1354/06, (6. 9. 2006). Paragraf Lex; Vrhovni sud Srbije, Rev. 2331/96, 3. 7. 1996, Bilten sudske prakse Vrhovnog suda Srbije 4/96, 27; CJEU, case C-20/12, Giersch and Others, ECLI:EU:C:2013:411, para. 16; Opinion of AG Mengozzi to CJEU, case C-20/12, Giersch and Others, ECLI:EU:C:2013:411, para. 16.


The papers not written strictly according to these guidelines shall not be accepted.