Linda Puspitasari, Hardi Warsono, Sundarso Sundarso

Diponegoro University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Jl. Prof. H. Soedarto, S.H. –
Tembalang Semarang, 50 275 Indonesia,


ISSN 2637-2150
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DOI: 10.7251/STED0220066P

Paper received: 29.10.2020.
Paper accepted: 20.11.2020.
Published: 30.11.2020.

Corresponding Author: 

Linda Puspitasari, Diponegoro University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Semarang, Indonesia,


This research aims to analyze and describe issues of bureaucracy reform of health services in Indonesia. By using the literary study, method is through the results of basic health research and the expected results in public service contained in the Grand Design of Bureaucracy Reform. The results of the research have been conducted indicating that the current bureaucracy reform in the field of health services conducted by Indonesia’s Government is not optimal. Because there are still many very difficult provinces get easy access to hospitals. From 34 provinces in Indonesia based on the results of basic health, research on 24 provinces are still very difficult to get easy access to hospitals, and the percentage is still above the national average. Where this condition widely perceived by communities who live or reside in rural areas. These Recombination given in this study are as follows: development of access services of equitable hospital, bureaucracy of Modern health, professionalism and work ethic as well as honest behavior in the management of health bureaucracy system. The application of information technology as a supporting good performance, health bureaucracy organization that has to be started from Low to Middle Community Health Centre (Puskesmas), Health Office and Health Department. Modern Health management should be encouraged towards the professionalism strengthening of good attitude-based work, and the presence of control of each system perpetrators so that misuse of authority can be avoided in order the acceleration of health vision objectives can be realized.

KeywordsBureaucracy Reform, Health Service, Bureaucracy Implementation, Modern Health, and Community Health Centre.