Frane Marjanica, Ante Projić, Tomislav Seser, Maja Marjanica

Visoka škola Aspira, Domovinskog rata 65, 21000 Split, Croatia,


ISSN 2637-2150
e-ISSN 2637-2614
UDK 004.738.5:378.147-057.875
DOI: 10.7251/STED0220098M
Paper received: 26.07.2021.

Paper received: 28.10.2020.
Paper accepted: 20.11.2020.
Published: 30.11.2020.

Corresponding Author: 

Frane Marjanica, Visoka škola Aspira, Domovinskog rata 65, 21000 Split, Croatia,


This paper presents the impact of modern communication technologies on online learning of students. Communication technologies are in the center of research, especially their impact on online learning, which was trying to be avoided for so long. The prejudices that stood next to online learning were lifted. During Covid-19 lockdown online learning was salvation for tens of thousands of students who had the possibility to continue education when it seemed that the whole world around them seemed to have stopped. During preparation of this paper systematic approach has been used by studying pros and cons of online learning in 21st century and whether it provides an improvement in the overall education of students and teachers. Education is the main foundation and key to success of each individual. With the development of communication technologies this has been enabled for people living far away from big cities. Trough the usage of software platforms for communication and collaboration learning has been enabled via audio and video meetings and data storage, all in one place.

KeywordsEducation, communication technology, internet, application, Covid-19.