Jadranka Stojanović1  Suzana Malešić2

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2Slobomir P University, Faculty of Law, Svetog Save 1, 74000 Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, suzanamalesic@gmail.com


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DOI 10.7251/STED2201154S
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Paper received:   28.03.2022.
Paper accepted:  10.05.2022.
Published:          30.05.2022.

Coresponding author:
Suzana Malešić, Slobomir P University, Faculty of Law, Svetog Save 1, 74000 Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, suzanamalesic@gmail.com


As a potential candidate for membership in the European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country committed to the Euro-Atlantic integration process has committed itself to strengthening the rule of law and strengthening institutions in the field of justice and home affairs. One of the important activities in this process is the adoption and implementation of public policies in the field of combating money laundering, bearing in mind that this social scourge in its manifestations is the greatest threat to the stability and smooth functioning of a country. Money laundering is a global problem of the twenty-first century. As a form of economic crime, the money laundering process is represented both nationally and internationally. 
Although there are a large number of definitions of money laundering, it can be said that it consists of shorter or longer movements of funds acquired through illegal activities, in order to obtain seemingly legal means through the cycle of transformation. The complexity of the fight against money laundering and the problems of combating various forms of money laundering go beyond the possibilities and efforts undertaken by the competent authorities and government institutions. All countries should go ahead of money launderers, that is, they should go ahead in designing and prescribing methods and ways of fighting, but they should also not allow criminals to use a corrupt and unregulated institutional framework and gain lucrative money laundering income.

Keywords: money laundering, organized crime, crime, stages, methods.