Snežana Samardžić

Public Health Institution Special hospital for Psychiatry, Podromanija bb, 71 350 Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina,


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DOI 10.7251/STED2201190S
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Paper received:   14.02.2022.
Published:          30.05.2022.
Paper accepted:  15.05.2022.

Coresponding author:
Snežana SamardžićPublic Health Institution Special hospital for Psychiatry, Podromanija bb, 71 350 Sokolac, BiH,


Incest as a sexual behavior psychiatry observes solely as a psychopathological phenomenon. The essence of incest is in sexual contact between close relatives, and the causes of its occurrence are in a personality of sex offenders and also in an environment in which they grew up. According to Freud, the incest taboo is one of the strongest prohibitions of the mankind, which characterize every culture. In the world of schizophrenic, incest which is committed (or from which they defend themselves) is usually that is considered a serious sin by people and which is rare among healthy population, and that is: incest between mother and son, and between brother and sister. So far researches emphasize that incest usually causes strong emotional trauma from which some phobias, depression, anxious states can be developed and other psychiatric disorders. The case of murder in family is analyzed in this task. Incestuous relationships determined a form and content of the patient’s clinical picture which was burdened with deep feelings of guilt, anxiousness, fear and depression, with homicide and suicide behavior.

Keywords: homicide, family, injunctions, incesti