Milan Dajić

University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economic Kosovska Mitrovica, Kolašinska 156, 38 220 Kosovksa Mitrovica, Serbia,


ISSN 2637-2150
e-ISSN 2637-2614 
UDC 004.738.5(497.11):[616.98:578.83
DOI 10.7251/STED2101039D

Paper received:  27.01.2021.
Paper accepted: 24.02.2021.
Published: 28.05.2021.

Corresponding Author: 

Milan Dajić, University of Priština, Faculty of Economics Kosovska Mitrovica,, Kolašinska 156, 38 220 Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia,


The subject of this paper is the use of the Internet for business operations. The relevance of this topic stems from the fact that in the new digital era, the opportunities and advantages of e-business and e-commerce make a significant potential that should be used in the best and most efficient way. The aim of the paper is to point out the advantages of the Internet for business on the one hand, which saves time, and on the other hand, money. But this kind of business via the Internet also has a serious obstacle to the revival of online shopping because it represents insufficient security of online transactions. People are still reluctant to decide to send their credit card number over a network or website. Our people in Serbia, especially in Kosovo and Metohija, are especially specific in their propensity for information technologies and trust in internet business. The hypothesis of the work is that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the behavior of consumers and companies in such a way that most of them switched to internet business. Auxiliary hypotheses are that the Internet market is one of the world’s largest emerging markets and another auxiliary hypothesis is that if there is a quality offer, users can easily decide to buy online because it involves more choice, simple comparison of prices between multiple sellers and delivery service. house doors, which means time savings. However, it is realistic to expect that this problem will be overcome in the near future, as technology in this area is advancing very quickly.  The first question, which is asked when performing transactions, is the issue of trust in those with whom the business is done. In electronic transactions, business takes place between two or more parties, which are physically separated. What those who offer products and services must provide is the trust of customers and users of services. The paper will apply General scientific methods: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, comparative method, statistical, historical method, and other methods immanent to the social sciences.

Keywords: Internet, COVID-19, business, online, media.